Argyris Theos GSC

With a strong artistic eye and extensive field experience, Argyris Theos has not only developed the ability to create first class imagery but also the ability to efficiently work around the daily issues of cinematography, showing excellent managerial capabilities. Totaling 10 theatrical features, 19 prime time television series, commercials, shorts, live events, 67 stage plays and more, Argyris shows a personality that is both artistically oriented and versatile enough to accomplish any kind of work that involves visual storytelling.

A fluent English and French speaker, exhibits stereographic virtues, carved by years of study, the creation of a short film and a seminar in France (S3DCampus 2011)

Among current interests lays the research of the role of Visual & Media Literacy in Education.

He often teaches classes on Cinematography, Photography and Visual Literacy

Since February 2020 he is teaching Lighting Design at the Theatre Studies Department / Faculty of fine Arts / University of the Peloponnese

He is the President of Isocratis (a Royalties Collecting Society), the Secretary General of the Greek Society of Cinematographers and a member of the Board of the Varvakeio Alumni Association. From January 2018 till his resignation on February 2019 he was a member of the board of the Greek Film Center.


Born in Athens, 1963

Studies:             2019                 University of Athens, Teaching Competence

2018                 University of Athens, Economist,

                        1983-86            Stavrakos Film School, field: Cinematography

1985                 Seminar L’una citta in cinema, L’Acquila Italy

2011                 Stereographer,S3D Campus, Paris France (under scholarship from Media 2011)

Languages:         speaks and writes fluently in English (EU C2), French (EU C2) and Greek (native language).

In the past he has been an affiliate of Eastman Kodak Co, commenting on stocks that were about to be released (aka beta tester)

2011-now Sony Independent Certified Expert (ICE) specializing on camcorders.

Below follows a list of his body of work


2017 “the artist’s atelier”, documentary on the most acknowledged among the  modern Greek painters

“2016-7” “Karla” set of 10 short films to be permanently exhibited at the “Karla Museum”, Thessalia, Greece, opening on Summer 2017

2015 “Jacques ou la Soumission”, 35’ stereoscopic film – both as director and stereographer .

2013-5 “a scent  for excellence”, a work in progress documentary, scheduled to follow and document the reinstitution of model schools in Greece

2010 “citrulus lanatus”, short stereoscopic film – both as director and stereographer   3D

2010-7  various corporate projects


Director of Photography


Award:               2005 cinematography for “Children of Niovi” (Greek TV awards “Faces 2005”)

Theatrical features:

2018 “iki iyi cocuk (two good boys)”, dir. Mehmet Demir Yilmaz

2010 “the traveler”, dir. Y. Kalogeropoulos

2004breakfast in New York”, shot the opening scene in Athens dir. Louise Lamarre

2003-4 “unforgettable homeland”», dir. K. Koutsomytis

2003 “when we will dance together” dir. Adrianos Georgantas

                        2001 “efapax“ dir. Nikos Zapatinas

1998 “falcified exectations“ (documentary), dir Loukia Rikaki

1998 “dancing soul“ dir Loukia Rikaki

1997rusty pictures” dir. Yannis Katsamboulas, best documentary award, Thessaloniki film festival, 1997

1997the boys – ταγόρια dir. Katerina Philippou (addl. Photography)

1995 «like a prairie cock in Wyoming» dir. Dimitri Indares, best film award plus another three awards, Thessaloniki film festival 1995

Television Primetime Series and other tv work:

2019  «the Essence» (ERT) documentary, dir. Ch. Gioulatos

2019  «Mi Psaronis» (Ant1) TV Series, under production, B unit DP, dir. P. Andrakakos, B Unit director V. Kalatzis

2018-9  «open relationtship» (OpenTV) TV Series, 33 episodes, A unit DP, dir. V. Thomopoulos

2018  «passion crimes» (Ant1) TV Series, 4 episodesdir. D. Arvanitis

2018  «Aegean Rebreath» (ERT) documentary, dir. D. Tzetzas

2018  «algae like silk ribbons» (ERT) documentary, dir. K. Bakouris

2018  «Yusurum» (ERT) documentary, dir. A. Marianos

2017  «Polyphony’s Tomorrow» (ERT) documenetary, dir. A. Lamprides

2016-7 «9 mines» (MegaOne, Cyprus & Star TV Greece) 50 episodes daily series, dir. Linos Christodoulou, co-authoring with 6 cinematographers

2016  «MIET» 125 documentary, dir. Kleoni Flessa

 2014-5 «Dikaiosi» (MegaChannel) 125 episodes daily series, dir. D. Arvanites, co-authoring with G. Apostolides

2012 «Dimitri Karatzas / let the good news come tomorrow» (ERT) 1 episode documentary, dir. Kl. Flessa

2012 «George Xenoudakis» 1 episode documentary, dir. F. Konstantinides

2012 «Dimitri Sgouros» (ERT) 1 episode documentary, dir. Alex. Papaeliou

2009-10 «star war» (ΑΝΤ1) 10 episodes, dir. Sp. Rassidakis

2008-9 «Kiss your Frog» season 2 (ΑΝΤ1) 28 episodes, dir. P. Koutras

2007     «Macedonia»  documentary, dir. F. Konstantinides

2007-8 «Kiss your Frog» (ΑΝΤ1) 30 episodes, dir. P. Koutras

2006-7 «only you», (ΝΕΤ) 20 episodes, dir. P. Koutras

2005-6 «earth and sky», (MEGA) 30 episodes, dir. G. Karantinakis

2005 «hiding» tv feature (ANT1), dir. M. Manousakis

2004-5 «san glyko tou koutaliou», (ANT1) 17 episodes, dir. R. Eskenazie

2003-4 «children of Niovi», (ΕΤ1) dir. K. Koutsomytis,12 of 16 episodes, prized for cinematography and 6 other prizes,

2002 «Late» (Alter) 10 episodes, dir. N. Mastorakis

2000-01 «Out of Course» (ΕΤ1) 21 episodes, A. Georgantas

2000 «guilty or not» (ΑΝΤ1) 22 episodes, dir. G. Karantinakis

1999 «Judas’s kiss» (ALPHA) 15 episodes, dir. Th. Antoniou

1998-99 «touch of soul» (ANT1) 31 episodes, dir. M. Manousakis

1997-98 «Heart whispers» (MEGA) 33 episodes, dir. M. Manousakis

1996-97 «Tide» (MEGA) 19 episodes, dir. M. Manousakis

1995-96 «Town Streets» (ANT1) 3 episodes, dir. G. Karantinakis

1994-95 «Scorpion» (MEGA) 8 episodes, dir. A. Kafetzopoulos

1994 «Anatomy of a crime» (ANT1) 2 episodes, dir. P. Kokkinopoulos & B. Spanos

1993 «Comics» (SKAI) 30 episodes, dir. Y. Kakleas

1992 «Pythagoras’ Way», tv feature, dir. F. Konstantinides

1990 «Obsessions» (ET1) (additional Photography, dir. Th. Marangos

1989 «into the sound» (ET2) documentary, dir. K. Stratoudakis

1988 «Easter in Kalymnos» (ET2) documentary, dir. A. Intas

light shows:

2009 «Olympic Air»  DoP  and Lighting Design for the opening cerermony of the new Olympic Air  S.A. One of the biggest events ever organized in Greece, dir. Y. Marakis

2002 «Cinema Awards», DoP and LD, a co-authored with A. Bellis and G. Tellos

2001 «Neapolis», DoP and LD, for a very special performance by Antypas, Spathas and Nikolakopoulou, dir. Y. Vamvouras

2000 «Faces 2000», DoP and LD, for the tv awards ceremony, dir. Y. Marakis

2000 «10th Creative Publicity Festival», DoP and LD, the award ceremony, dir. Y. Vamvouras

1999 «9th Creative Publicity Festival», DoP and LD, the award ceremony, dir. Y. Vamvouras

1997 «7th Creative Publicity Festival», DoP and LD, the award ceremony, dir. Y. Vamvouras

1996 «6th Creative Publicity Festival», DoP and LD, the award ceremony, dir. Y. Marakis

Commercials and corporate:

2016  «MIET 50 Years», prod. National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, dir. Kl. Flessa

2016 «VianaDecoN», DoP on a set of corporate films on VDN Marine Outfitting company Produced Thaleia Kalafata, dir. Andonis Kioukas

2013 «Hatay», DoP and stereo supervisor on a 3D documentary about the Turkish province of Hatay. Produced by KozYapim, Isranbul, dir. Mehmet Demir Yilmaz

2013  «H.E.L.P.», dir. A. Kioukas

2013  «Learning from our Patiens», dir. A. Liolios

2005  «Renault offer», dir. N. Mastorakis

2004  «Renault offer», παραγωγή Κ. Τσανάκαλη ΕΕ, σκην. Ν. Μαστοράκης

2004  «Ouzo 12», dir. P. Adrianopoulos

2004 «αλλαντικά Πασιάς», dir. N. Yannopoulos

2003 «BSB», dir. G. Varagkoulis

2003  «Bar», dir. G. Siougas

 2003 «stars’ squares», dir. G. Siougas

2003  «Pizza Hut», dir. M. Marketos

2002  «a child’s smile», dir. G. Siougas

2002  «Comix», dir. Y. Kakleas

2002 «Cosmocard», dir. G. Siougas

2002 «YPEHODE», dir. Y. Katsamboulas

2002 «Μασούτης», dir. N. Yannopoulos

2001 «Differs», dir. Y. Katsamboulas

2001 «Monopoly Χρηματιστήριο», dir. Y. Katsamboulas

2001«OLP», παραγωγή Kino, dir. Y. Katsamboulas

2001«OLTH», παραγωγή Kino, dir. Y. Katsamboulas

short films:

2016  «the house», dir. V. Dimou

2014  «dead men’s street», dir. St. Artavanis

2013  «the painter Christos Bokoros», dir. A. Kioukas

2012  «Beehive», dir. Y. Katsamboulas

2005  «the girl», dir. M. Arvanitakis

2002 «Megalosa», dir. S. Chrisimou                   

2002 «Missing», dir. M. Yamalakis

                        2002  «Fridge», dir. G. Siougas

2000  «Falcified Expectations» documentary – dir. L. Rikaki

1997  «Free Grazing»,dir. Y. Karkanevatos

                        1996 «New Order», dir. K. Megapanos

1991  «the Duck Hunt», dir. D. Indares, best short film award, Thessaloniki Film Festival 1991

                        1990  «entrance», dir. Ch. Poulos

1987  «the car in the alley’s entrance», dir. M. Sfakianakis

1987 «Mrs Ersi», dir. D. Indares

1985  «Infinite Eyes», dir. Y. Kalogeropoulos

1984  «Twilight – out of an ELO song», dir. M. Plantzos and Ch. Gartaganis, awarded first prize on the very first Video clip competition in Greece

1983 «600 Volt track», dir. M. Plantzos

other:               2008-2009 Lighting Design for a “theatrical” form of lighting on the window displays of the VST store, Athens

various corporate videos and video clips.

2002 – 2004 author for the “professional camera & microphone” magazine

1998-2002  Lighting Design and project management for the “Kanava” wine museum in Santorini Greece

stage Lighting:

2019  «from Smyrna to Salonika», dir. Mimi Denisi

2019  «Oliver Twist», dir. M. Passari

2019  «α cherry orchard follow up», dir. V. Myrianthopoulos

2019  «two hairdressers and a daydreaming girl», dir. M. Passari

2018  «Red Speedo», dir. V. Myrianthopoulos

2018  «Canada, a feeling not related to a Greek island’s Summer», dir. M. Passari

2017  «Sleeping Beauty», dir. G. Yannarakos

2017  «Frames of Dorian Grey», dir. Mariah Tsarouchas

2016  «Σιλωάμ», dir. G. Yannarakos

2016«Fractals & Dance», dir. & chor. By I. Tsantili

2016«Mother», dir. & choreographed by S. Karagiannni

2016«he and his trousers», dir. V. Pefani

2016«the Portrait of Dorian Grey», dir. Y. Voliotis

2015«do not distutb», dir. V. Myrianthopoulos

2015«one», dir. & choreographed by S. Karagiannni

2014«18, Bouboulinas st.», dir. by G. Yannarakos

2014«Amour et Piano», dir. by G. Yannarakos

2014«she killer: a dolce vita», dir. & choreographed by S. Karagiannni

2014  «Sunday morning», (co-authoring with A. Bellis), dir. M. Petousis

2014  «the truth», (co-authoring with A. Bellis), dir. Sp. Papadopoulos

2013  «—», dir. & choreographed by M. Aggelou

2013 «Dolce Vita … the Wedding», dir. & choreographed by S. Karagiannni

2013  «@ labyrinth», dir. G. Giannarakos

2013  «measure for measure», dir. Araceli Lemos

2012  «light was on»,dir. St. Stangos

2012 «the Master and Margarita», dir. T. Dardaganis

2011 «the lunch», dir. A. Makrakis, D. Vergados,

2011 «le misanthrope – a work in progress» dir. G. Giannarakos

                        2011  «love tiumphs», dir. M. Hadjinikolidakis

2010 «the tree was in a hurry to grow», chor. N. Mouratoglou, the first in Greece and only second in the world attempt to have primary school children perform together with a live orchestra.

2009 «Balkan Voice», dir. Sp. Sakkas

2009  «the Emperor’s nightingale», chor. N. Mouratoglou

2008 «Mater», dir. & choreographed by S. Karagiannni

2007  «Tango», dir. & choreographed by Ch. Beskou

2005  «mr Thomas is having hard nights», dir. T. Vouteris

2005 «songs», dir. N. Zoukas

2005 «tale», chor. N. Mouratoglou

2004  «Kopenhagen», dir. T. Vouteris

2004 «Songs of the Earth», dir. N. Zoukas

2003  «Nowhere Nowhere Nowhere», dir. V. Nahmias

2003  «Vurt», dir. N. Biniadaki

2003  «Ophelia’s secret erotic life», dir. P. Michailidis

2002  «I love you too», dir. P. Michailidis

2002  «Kopenhagen», dir. T. Vouteris

2002  «Pet Shop: the Jungle», dir. P. Michailidis

2002  «Maroulas’ luck», dir. P. Michailidis

2002 a presentation of the work of students by the Greek National  School of Dance (co-authoring with A. Bellis)

1999  «Blue» dir. & chor. V. Myrianthopoulos

1998  «Ulisses’ dialogues»,dir. L. Rikaki

1998  «Adam and Eve forever», dir. V. Myrianthopoulos

1998  «Flowering Sea»,  dir. L. Rikaki

1998 «M. Duras Music», dir. L. Rikaki

1997 «Autumn resorts», dir. & chor. N. Zoukas

1996  «Surrealove», dir. L. Rikaki

1996  «Λίλιομ», dir. M. Andrikakis

1995  «tales of the world», dir. & chor. N. Zoukas

1994  «Camera degli sposi» , dir. M. Marmarinos

1991  J.Genet «the maids», dir. G. Konstas

1991  Moliere «Georges Dindin», dir. T. Vouteris

1991  A. Strindberg «Strindberg, Strindberg», dir. M. Marmarinos

1991  «Music for a while», Savvina Yannatou & Natasha Zoukas

1991  «Eurippides, Medea», dir. M. Marmarinos

1991  «a mind’s move, a body’s thought», Apples dance co.

1991  «14th day», dir. & chor. M. Aggelou

1991  «window light», dir. & chor. N. Zoukas

1990 «Holly Tripllet» dir. T. Vouteris

1990 Filippo «Saturday, Sunday and Monday», dir. Y. Diamantopoulos

1990  G. Dialegmenos «don’t listen to the rain», dir. T. Vouteris

1989 J.P.Hamette «farewell meeting», Dir. D.Kotsis

1989 B. Brecht «Brecht machine», dir. M. Marmarinos

1989 J.Genet «the maids», dir. M. Botonaki

1988  D. Tomazanis «a Chios’ tale», dir. D. Tomazanis

1985 Rouzzante «la Mosqueta», dir. T. Kozakos

1984 F.G.Lorca «los titeres de Catsipora», dir. T. Kozakos

Conference Speaker:

                        2019 November “the smiling sketch”,   Chania Film festival, AV literacy Conference, 2019 June “laughing sketches, an empathic approach to audiovisual literacy,   Fest of Fests AV education Conference, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

                        2019 April “towards teaching the language maned image”,  “Modern Teaching Methods and Curricula” Conference, Institute of Educatinal Policy

                        2018 October “a laughing sketch”  Conference of Educational Innovations, EEPEK

                        2011 May Visual Storytelling in Stereoscopic Film Hellenic Film Academy


2017-9camera & lighting” AKMI adult education

2017-9Laughing sketches” Visual Literacy Training addressing Hi School Techers

2018 “elements of cinematic lighting”. Seminar being repeated since 2012. Organized by HDSeminars.

2017 “cinematic lighting”. Masterclass within Olympia’s Festival.

2017 “2.39:1 Greek Cinema Goes Cinemascope Again!”. Masterclass on Thessaloniki Film Festival (speakers: Christos Karamanis, Argyris Theos)

2016 visual literacy”. Daily seminar to acquaint 2nd grade teacher with the concept of being visually literate

2016 visual literacy”. A weekly seminar offered to school pupils within Olympia’s Festival

2016-2013 Advanced lighting techniques”. Organised by HD Seminars, offered 6 times till now

2015 “Visual Literacy Experiencial Lab”. One week long seminar within Olympia’s Festival.

2015 10  lessons on photography and visual thinking”. Series of lessons offered twice

2014-3 elements of filmaking” teaching at Velios School of Art

2014 the DoP”. Mastercalss within Olympia’s Festival.

2013January “screen to window”, master class addressing the modern aesthetics of 3Dimensional storytelling. Organised by: Athens Open Air Festival.

                        2013 SpringColor Grading with Edius”. Organised by HD Seminars.

Expositions      2013 July stills photography exposition at  Comme il Faux, Athens

2013 June group stills photography exposition by the  GSC at Freedom Park, Athens

Publications     2017 “project 2.39:1”, a study of the anamorphic lens test performed by his partners in the GSC

2003 “just once”, a shooting diary, following the filming of “Efapax” feature film. “Professional Camera & Microphone” magazine.

Presentation    2013 “wanted”, a study of 13 cinematic cameras, following a test organized by A.Theos on behalf of the Greek Society of Cinematographers

Early carreer    1985-90            Assistant Cameraman